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"Promoting Personal Opulence and Clarity, the Cornerstone to Your Inner Essence."

I am delighted that you stopped by to see what Hypnosis or Reiki can do for you. I am pleased to welcome you to my website. I offer my unique services to you for the betterment of your body, mind, spirit and soul.

I am a holistic based practitioner. I use the power of your spiritual bias along with my own to help you reach your goals with greater satisfaction. The wonderful twist is we do not have to believe in the same piety. I am not limited to people that have some sort of faith. Hypnosis and Reiki still work with people who opt out of those thinking patterns.

I have a long history in both modalities. My training is extensive.

Learn about my unique 5-Path Hypnosis that blasts habits, beliefs, anger, sadness, and other such limitations to the curb. I am the ONLY Hypnotist in Simcoe County Certified to work with this powerful, cutting edge process.

Understand how Reiki's ability to soothe and promote healing is more than just an invisible energy that you may or may not feel.

I walk my talk, it is very personal to me.

I am a qualified Master and Instructor in both Hypnosis and Reiki.

When you come to me it is not just about my services that can help. It is our interaction, I have an extensive library of experiences and life lessons both book learned and lived. I blend this knowledge in such a way that has always been used to guide, assist and promote the success of my clients.

I incorporate my knowledge, experience, and expertise with the inspiration of my spiritual guides; listening to how they lead me according to your needs.

I have the utmost respect for you and why you have been looking for me. Take your time to look through the pages of this site and discover how I may be of assistance to your journey. If you have questions, please email or call me.

Please note that your privacy is protected.

Voted Readers Choice for Barrie's Best Hypnotist 2014
- Barrie Advance


Latest News/Blog

August 30th, 2016

I like this article by "History of Hypnosis" as it is makes it very clear and easy to see how hypnosis has developed over the centuries and by whom.

January 26th, 2016

This article was taken from the Vibracoustic Therapy Department at Harperbury Hospital in Hertfordshire, England.


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    Text Message From Client

  • " Via a Text: Hey just sitting on a bus and looking out at the beautiful sea of green fields in the misty horizon, and I feel so blessed to have met u. Ur an angel, and you have impacted my life in a b... "

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    Andrew N. age: 24. Barrie. May 2013

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    Tim Powers. age: 47. Barrie. June 2012