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How and Why I Became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist

I have done many jobs in my day, like many people, you do what you do not always because you want to but because you have to. I have started two small businesses from scratch. They were both successful in their day and I enjoyed them. Both served the purpose at the time. One was a home daycare the other was a high-end cleaning business. Both had natural "deaths" due to circumstances out of my control.

It felt like the saying "Do what you love" just wasn't a consistent part of my life. To me it just didn't seem to be the way it was going to be for me. I always said....."one day I'm going to...." but that day just wasn't getting any closer! That bucket list wasn't getting any shorter either!

Eventually I'd had enough of hearing my self make wishes and dreams. I realized that the only person that was ever going to make my dreams and wishes come true and start crossing the things on the list off...... WAS ME! I knew where to look on the internet for the school that I "would one day go to...." because I had spent enough time looking at it while I wished the hours away.

I picked up the phone, called them and signed up! It was that easy! Oh my little victory dance went on for a long time!!

The "Why Hypnosis?" was because I loved it already. I knew I had a natural way with people, my nature is one of understanding and helping. What better way to help "ordinary, every day people, with ordinary, every day problems" I've never regretted my career choice, and yes.... I love what I do!