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Contribution to This World

I have seen on other websites that they add this section demonstrating what "they" do for the community and the back! So I thought you may like to know what I do too, personally and as a family.

I feel that it is important to help those around us that are less fortunate than ourselves. Having said that, I do not believe in handouts. I do expect people to put effort into their own situations. If they are not trying to improve themselves then they are not ready for my help.

Good News India

Good News India ( ) is a wonderful charity that has the intention of locating, and re-homing girls that would otherwise inadvertently be sold into the sex trade. Families do not know this is where the children are going. It is a very challenging situation in India and for this organization. As time went on they began to extend their outreach to boys and then to the lowest of the low in those societies. It is through this organization that I sponsor a little boy by the name of Tapan. I will add a small page about it as time goes on. I was going to sponsor a little girl, but realized that through this organization, more girls would find sponsorship than boys. I will talk more about his in my page for Tapan.....Thank you for your understanding and heaven sent patience while I "get to it".

Samaritan's Purse Canada

Samaritan's Purse Canada is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that has been providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world since 1970.

In a nut shell, we fill shoe boxes with new items for a particular age for a girl or boy. If you go to the website you can glean all the information your need about how to do this yourself.

However, as a family, we have put together these boxes for 20 years. As the years have gone by my children have taken it upon themselves to make up more and more boxes. last year, 2013, we made up 11 boxes. this year we are filling 18. It has become a year long adventure for us. Every trip to the dollar store finds us buying something new to add to the boxes. It keeps the spirit alive and reminds us that people are in need all year round.