Your Journey Has Begun...

Finding your path Healing your past Embracing your future

Every Day In Every Way I'm Getting Better And Better

You Are Not Alone

My View

I have learned that the mind is a powerful tool.... one that can be used to create and grow positively or it can destroy...... it's all up to the individual. You will choose for your own life and destination there of. Some people choose to do life the hard way, walking up a mountain covered in shards of glass, bare foot, backwards and blind folded. While others choose to climb the same mountain, using climbing gear... yet others choose to fly to the top. The choice is given to all of us. One should argue that the first group do not know how to change.... this is true maybe, but it's not impossible to change. I've never met a person that hasn't been glad they grow stronger and better!

We have all learned a value system by which we grade and create our experiences and how we offer ourselves to the world. Many of these systems are taught to us as children by way of our parents, families, society, and experiences. Depending on your nature, unique to you, will determine how you process it all and in turn represent yourself and your character.

What we learn is placed into our subconscious and goes into our normal functioning. As time moves forward and we grow up, some of these teachings no longer suit our life style or belief systems. They may not fit and can feel uncomfortable. You may feel that 'something' isn't quite right.

There are many ways in which we can deal with this. A few people are able to 'simply' change. As if they just make up their minds and presto a new habit is formed. But many people don't know they have this skill and seek out others that may help them. One such means to helping you, I'd rather call it assisting you, is through Hypnosis.