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About Louise

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a member in good standing of the Guild of Hypnotherapy Canada. Not only am I a hypnotist, I'm also a second generation hypnotist.

Having a mother in England that has been a successful hypnotist for over 20 years, I have been privy to learning from her much of my life.

I'd like to share with you my personal experiences of hypnosis over the years, prior to becoming one myself.

My first experience of being in the state of hypnosis was under the guidance of my mother. I didn't know what to expect and didn't really think that I could be hypnotized... So I went along for the heck of it. I had nothing to loose! What I experienced was such a complete feeling of relaxation that I didn't want to leave such a wonderful state and feeling of peace. During this time she suggested to me that I was in a safe place and described it to me. However, this was not a place I felt comfortable in, so I created my own safe place. I later explained what happened and she wasn't surprised and simply said "You were in complete control".

My next experience was in fact while giving birth to my second child. With each contraction I went into a trance. I didn't realize that I was doing it myself. It was so natural for me. The benefits to doing this were immense as my first child's delivery was quite frankly awful! As a result, the labour, pain, and over all experience was one far nicer to recall than the first! The attending nurses didn't know what to make of me during a contraction...I made no sound, movement, or responded to them. I was aware of everything though, and heard my mum explain..."It's ok, she's in self hypnosis" Needless to say I was shocked!! But that was no time for discussing it.

Having years of understanding about the benefits of hypnosis when used for self improvement I didn't trust it as a form of entertainment. I'd been to a show many years earlier and was indeed entertained by the people up on stage as they pranced around as instructed.

I had an opportunity to go on stage a few years ago, I wanted to "see for myself" if "it" worked! I went along with the suggestions as directed to evaluate those that could go into the state or not, at that time. I felt in control of myself so was surprised to find I hadn't been asked to leave the stage!

The next part of the entertainment show was most interesting to me. There were times we were told that we would see things and how we would react to them. Yet those particular instructions went against my own beliefs about that subject and so I instinctively rejected them and simply didn't follow along. While everyone else was reacting as they had been told they would.... I sat quietly waiting for them all to 'get a grip'. I was still in the wonderful state of hypnosis, calm yet fully aware. Other parts of the show had us flying about the stage like butterflies. This, to me was silly, but I was so relaxed and carefree that is wasn't something that bothered me and so I happily became a beautiful butterfly with the most colourful of wings. The fact that the audience was howling with laughter didn't bother me at all.

Eventually I was singled out to "perform" for the audience. I was told that I was as strong as steel. I started to be a little concerned believing he was going to pick me up by my feet. I was determined that he was not going to drop me. He tapped me on my forehead.... the method used as reminder that I was already in hypnosis.... and off I went. I remember feeling a swooshing sensation. I heard the audience gasping with shock. I had no idea why and frankly didn't care. I was a piece of steel!!!! Lol.

Once again I felt the swooshing feeling and then he tapped my forehead again to emerge me. It was explained to me that he had balanced me between two wooden stools and stood on my stomach. Nothing short of amazing I thought and the audience agreed!

My Credentials:

  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist - In good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotist - 2011
  • Master Hypnotist - 2018
  • 5th-PATH & 7th-PATH Hypnotist 2018 (the only one in Simcoe Country)
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnsis - 2017
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor for the Internation Hypnosis Federation - 2018
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor for the Canadian Hypnosis Program - 2018
  • Master Metaphysical Hypnotist - 2012
  • Reiki Master and Instructor - Usui & Tera-Mia Reiki 2014 (I am a natural Master by birth, certification on paper was in 2014)
  • Vibro-Acoustic Technician 2012
  • Intuition Speaking and Images - entire life
  • Self Mastery Affiliate Using technology by PorterVision Developer of MindFit Neuro-trainer and Self-Mastery Technology Patrick K. Porter, PhD 2014
  • Needle Free Acupuncture Practitioner 2013
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner 2013

As a memeber of the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as the other gouverning bodies, I am expected to be in constant persuit of my heigher education and skills. This is an on-going event for me personally. I have registered above and beyond the annually accepted number of hours consistantly since I have been in this profession.


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