All of the fans that you see are handmade and unique. So know that when you purchase one you will have the only one of its kind in the world. 

I have the privilage to be able to bless and thank each bird that I get the feathers from. Complete respect is given from the beginning to the end. They are found as roadkill and I have been led by Spirit to learn how to pluck the feathers. That in of it's self was a personal journey, one I wasn't particularly interested in pursuing but for the fact that I knew Spirit was guiding me. The fur that is used has come from repurposing old fur coats. I have a friend that turns grandmas old coat into lapblankets and pillows. I purchase the remandants. Between us we use about 98% of each coat and tiny bits that are left are taken back into the forest and given back. The bird and animals will make their beds and nests with it. Even the lining of these coats are washed and reused. 

When this journey began I struggled with it in my heart. I asked Spirit to help me understand how this was ok for me to do. Faithfully Spirit showed me that the birds are doing what some of us humans do after we die. We donate our organs so that others may carry on. The first time I waved a fan that I had made I was overwhelmed by the feeling of that bird taking flight again. In that moment I understoood what Spirit wanted me to do. 

Goose Feather Fan


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  • Distance Reiki Single Session $135
  • Package 4 by-weekly sessions $460