Certified Master Hypnotist in Barrie, ON

Certified Master Hypnotist

Hypnosis is the application of hypnotic techniques in such a way as to bring out beneficial change. An outside influence - the Hypnotist - assists in activating the inner resources of a person - the Client - in order to achieve realistic goals.

You are led by means of the hypnotist's gentle guiding voice into a state where your body​ and mind are relaxed as if nearly asleep, but remain fully aware. This assists the hypnotist to work with you to induce beneficial changes. 

Hypnosis is used, by thousands of people, to achieve whatever they deem important to improve about themselves. From improving your golf game to changing a habit. From feeling better about yourself to dealing with any form of trauma.

Hypnosis is often the last resort for people seeking help, especially with some form of self esteem or other such unhappy issue. They tend to go the traditional roots, which are very effective for many. One size doesn’t always fit all and those methods of healing either don’t quite do the trick, have people in therapy for years or fail completely. It works out to be rather expensive.

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As I have said I do not charge for this time. You are with me for about an hour. We sit together over tea. I encourage you to bring a list of questions, and we will discuss what Hypnosis exactly is and dispel any misconceptions and myths.

It also gives you the time to see if you feel comfortable and trust me. I may be the best hypnotist, but if you do not feel comfortable with me or feel that we are on the same page, then I am not the best for you. If this were the case then I am happy to recommend a colleague to you that may be a better match.

As long as it takes in one session

Do you have a fear of cats? Spiders? Driving on the highway? Crowds? Public speaking? Failure? Exams? Whatever your fear may be, I can help you by eliminating it.

This hypnosis session usually takes but is NOT limited to an hour and a half. This allows you the freedom to take your time without worrying about running out of time. 

What my customers are saying

"Dealing with a fear. I had unfortunately been involved in 2 car accidents in the span of 1 year. After dealing with a long physical recovery, emotionally it was overwhelming. I struggled as a drier, only taking certain routes I felt were "safest" and being over-cautious. As a passenger, my fear always grew worse. The weather bothered me, other drivers. I was unable to hold a conversation due to the growing panic inside. My drives usually ended with me in tears, either fearing for my life or frustration for something that to me seemed so silly. I new something had to change, I couldn't lie with this anxiety anymore, and luckily, I found Louise. Louise is a highly educated professional, who is passionate about her career and helping others. I felt comfortable opening up my story to her and felt relaxed during our treatment together. Since then, I feel much more relaxed in the care (I still have my "moments"), but I don't cry and grip the side handle feeling like my life is ending. I can talk and laugh and enjoy passing scenery! I feel like its slowly getting better, and its wonderful to feel hopeful about a situation I used to feel was hopeless. Thank you, Louise, for helping me with my paralyzing fear, I would recommend your services highly!"

-Carrie Charney - January 2014

In your 1 hour intake appointment we discuss your Past Life beliefs, fears, concerns and hopes. It is important to talk about your reasons for wanting to explore this side of your spiritual existence, and we will review what you can do with your new gained information and how it may inspire your life. We will make a list of questions together to get answers from each life visited.

Past Life Soul Therapy, more commonly known as Past Life Regression can allow you to visit up to 3 past lives in one session, and you’d possibly be able to visit what is called Lives Between Lives. Lives Between Lives is the place where a soul resides before entering a new life.

Prior to the beginning of the session, it cannot be established how many lives you will be able to visit. You will be accompanied by your spirit guide to the life times that will best aid you in this life time. Often, an extensive amount of time can be used visiting one particular life, exploring, learning, gaining enlightenment and inspirations that may be the missing link in your life now. It is always fascinating to see how our past lives continue to influence our current lives.

We are so limited in true knowledge of higher things that we end up doing the exact opposite of what we are generally set out to accomplish through these sessions when control is enforced. So, I allow the session to evolve on its own accord, rather than controlling it.

You may have been told by someone that since you are afraid of water, that you died by drowning in a past life. That may be the case, however there can always be other explanations for your fear. For example, maybe in a past life you were a mother on a boat and you were unable to save your child from falling overboard. It would stand to reason that a fear of water could embed itself within your soul memory. I will not say that all predictions are incorrect, I only suggest to keeping an open mind to other scenarios.

The focus of your appointment is to visit as many past lives as permitted by your guide, maybe even your Life Between Lives. 

I do not discuss my fees on my website. There are simply way too many factors to consider in your journey of Hypnosis. It is for this reason that I invite you to take advantage of the Intake appointment that is about an hour long and is my gift, I do not charge for this time.

However, I promise you, you will not be coming to me for years. Most likely not even six months…I haven’t had anyone THAT long! I’m not into having what I call Life Longers as clients. I get great pleasure out of graduating my clients as quickly as possible while at the same time making sure each part of the journey is as complete as possible for your maximum benefit. My clients often start to see results before the end of the program.