Certified Reiki Master in Barrie, ON

Reiki Services

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing often referred to as energy healing. Reiki is a safe and non-invasive method to spiritual healing and self-improvement.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei meaning “God’s Wisdom” or “the Higher Power” and Ki meaning “life force energy”. Together they make Reiki, meaning “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Reiki Benefits Include but are not limited to:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Aids in better sleep
  • Supports immune system
  • Helps spiritual growth
  • Relieves physical pain

Distance Reiki

If our schedules don’t align or you live on the other side of the world, Distance Reiki may be the route for you. For Distance Reiki, all I need is a photo of you with your eyes clearly open, your name and date of birth. The benefits of reiki in person compared to distance are the same. After I have completed the session, I will either call you or email you the results of what I felt.

What my clients are saying

"I was lucky enough to find Louise via a Chiropractor that I was seeing. Observing that I was having more than just back problems she did some short Reiki on me with very positive results. I have never looked back and she has been great at bringing me to a more relaxed and upbeat place in my life. Louise has opened not only myself but my Life Lisa’s eye to many alternative ways to healing the mind and body. Please keep up the great work and we will continue to recommend everyone to come and see you. Thanks Brad & Lisa"

-Brad Peterson

Reiki Classes

There are 3 degrees to learning Reiki. Reiki One (Shodent), Reiki Two (Okuden) and Reiki Three / Master. This class is an introduction to the life changing modality of Reiki.

In the beginning, Dr. Mikao Usui intended Reiki to be used as a self-healing modality. His students studied under him for years. It was a case of being chosen by him rather than a person paying for a class or two. Today, classes are one or two days long. However, with myself as your Reiki Master and guide, you will also benefit from ongoing classes, continued connection and support. I accept a maximum of 4 students per class. 

  • Level One
  • Level Two
  • Reiki Level Three/Master Level

In this class you will learn what Reiki is, when and how to use it. We talk about what it means to be “level one” and how you implement it into your life. This is hands on where you immediately begin to use Reiki and receive a Reiki treatment. You will be taken through a self Reiki treatment. You will learn how to ground yourself and why this is so important, not just before a treatment but every day. You will be given several techniques and practice time.

There is no formal test, however you will be asked questions throughout the day to ensure you are grasping the material as it is intended. Questions and topic related conversation are always welcome. This class is very much led by Spirit.

You will be provided with everything you need to learn Reiki (a book, tools and aids). My classes are fun, friendly and pressure free. I am there to guide you through your learning experience.

After receiving your Reiki One certificate, you will be able to provide Reiki treatments for yourself and friends/family. You will also then be eligible to further your Reiki education.

I don’t always post dates on my website so give me call or text and see what is coming up. I can always do one-on-one classes as well. So, lets chat. Call to book your spot.

This level takes things up a notch. You receive the power of the first three symbols through your attunement. We talk about these symbols and their uses. We cover session preparation and how to treat your clients during a session. The topics of running a business and fees is also covered.

It is very much hands on learning so you will be learning and practicing Distance Reiki. We look at what this level now expects of you and how to bring it into your life on a day to day basis.

How to recognize Reiki as a living energy that has your back verses a nondescript force that has no will or personality. We discuss what you have experienced so far and what you can expect to begin to experience as you build your level of knowledge and begin to living in Reiki rather than with Reiki. What does that actually mean?

You will learn the simplest method of meditation that you can use for a life time and teach others.

This is a one-day course that really should be two. It is packed with information and practice time. You will receive appropriate materials and tools to take home.

After receiving your Reiki Two certificate, you will be able to provide Reiki treatments and receive payment. You will be able to start your own viable business if you choose. You will also then be eligible to further your Reiki education. I am there for you on an ongoing basis and you can also further your knowledge and experience

I don’t always post dates on my website so give me call or text and see what is coming up. I can always do one-on-one classes as well. So, lets chat. Call to book your spot.

In this level you must have completed Levels One and Two and be able to show me your certifications of those levels. You do not have to be an existing student of mine to take this class with me.

Here you learn about and receive the power of the Master Symbol. You are given a deeper understanding of what it is to be a Master. If you are being called to take this level then you already have many experiences of Spirit working in your life. We expand on this and explore it more deeply. Becoming a Reiki Master, you are agreeing to the call that is will be, if it hasn’t already become, a part of your every day life and way of living. Your Spiritual Awareness and walk in Spirit is about to take you in a brand-new direction and you are willing to answer this new way of Being.

I share with you Reiki techniques that Spirit has given me that deepens your clients Reiki experience. This can be a very powerful and enlightening part of the class.

This class is literally the key to the rest of your life. It is the beginning not the end of learning about Reiki. This level is the level where you begin to receive a greater and deeper understanding beyond the first two levels in a way that becomes more personal to you and you dreamed possible or could be explained when this journey first began for you.

As in the other levels you will be given appropriate materials and tools that will assist you as you embark on this stage of life. It is my deepest hope that my tools that are given will become useless to you as you grow and progress by following what Spirit has in store for you and not what a person is telling you.

After receiving your Reiki Three certificate, you will be able to teach all levels. I am happy to assist you in this process if you like.

I don’t always post dates on my website so give me call or text and see what is coming up. I can always do one-on-one classes as well. So, lets chat.