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I'm told that Client Feedback is a huge part of any business. They help new clients gain trust in coming to see me. The feedback I receive from past clients is used to help me improve how I offer my services. So please take the time to view what some of my clients have to say about me. If I've already had the pleasure of seeing you, PLEASE take the time to fill out the review form to share your feedback.

"Hi Louise,  OMG I can't believe in what I am reading on your business website, you are totally amazing and I am so privileged to have you as my best friend. 
Even though I am in another country, what you are doing is amazing and yes you do have a big  heart. Your website is brilliant and what you do is brilliant and totally amazing. 

 Lisa x"
5 Stars
Lisa (aka Drippy Liz)
"After having a Reiki session and Access Bars session with Louise, I have never slept better.  I used to have restless nights with negative thought patterns and nitemares.  These have cleared up.  I have also found a major improvement in my stress levels and general outlook as well.  I would recommend both services to anyone experiencing any sort of general mental "blahness".  I will definately have both sessions again as soon as required! Thanks Louise!"
5 Stars

I'm so grateful to have had Louise come into my life.  She is honestly one of the best people I have ever met.  Words cant describe the feeling I get when I am around her.  Almost like a sense of calm and peace.  The first time I was able to really experience Reiki was when I was complaining of a very bad ear ache during our visit.  Louise asked if she could perform Reiki on me and I agreed.  Within only a few short minutes I started feeling relief.  By the next day it was gone completely.  So of course I had to share this story with my friends.  I decided to have a little gathering at my home with friends and family who wanted to try some of Louise's services.  Everyone was blown away by her and will be using her services in the future.  I plan to have another gathering again soon.  
Louise always goes out of her way for others.  She has a heart as big as the moon.  I feel so grateful to have her in my life.  You will not be disappointed with Louise.  She is full of knowledge and love and I feel like I could listen to her for hours.  Time just flies away when you are with her.  She is truly someone I hope to have in my life forever.  Thanks for being you, Louise.
Oro Medonte"
5 Stars
Angela Clarke
"I was 15 , I heard about you throw your daughter. I was super hesitant to call you I wasn't ready to face what happened to me a mere 9 months ago. But I knew if I wanted to return to school the September coming I had to deal with the abuse. You tried your hardest , doing everything you could to help me, there wasn't much you wouldn't of tried to do to help me succeed that summer . You saw something good in me something I lost and what he took from me. In a small 2 month time you helped me change to be a completely different person. Yes it was hard to walk through the doors of that school again that September but I did walk throw thoughts doors strong and proud because of you. You helped me put all the fragile pieces back together , you helped me feel even the smallest bit of happiness again.  Coming on the two year anniversary I can proudly say without your help that summer and still today I wouldn't be here to strongly and proudly say everyday and in every way I've gotten better and I've survived  "
5 Stars
"I was lucky enough to find Louise via a Chiropractor that I was seeing.  Observing that I was having more than just back problems she did some short Reiki on me with very positive results.  I have never looked back and she has been great at bringing me to a more relaxed and upbeat place in my life.
Louise has opened not only myself but my wife Lisa's eyes to many alternative ways to healing the mind and body.
Please keep up the great work and we will continue to recommend everyone to come and see you.

Brad & Lisa"
5 Stars
Brad Peterson
"Congratulations on your new website. It's fantastic!!"
5 Stars
"Dealing with a fear.
I had unfortunetly been involved in 2 car accidents in the span of 1 year. After dealing with a long physical recovery, emotionally it was overwhelming. I struggled as a driver, only taking certain routes I felt were "safest" and being over-cautious" As a passenger, my fear always grew worse. The weather bothered me, Other drivers, I as unable to hold a conversation due to the growing panick inside. My drives usually ended with me in tears, either fearing for my life or frustration for something that to me seemed so silly. I knew something had to change, I couldn't live with this anxiety anymore, and luckily I found Louise.

Louise is a highly educated professional, who is passionate about her career and helping others. I felt comfortable opening up my story to her and felt relaxed during our treatment together.

Since then, I feel much more relaxed in the car, (I still have "moments") but I don't cry, and grip the side handle feeling like my life is ending. I can talk and laugh and enjoy passing scenery! I feel like its slowly getting better, and its wonderful to feel hopeful about a situation I used to feel was hopeless.
Thank you Louise for helping me with my paralyzing fear, I would recommend your services highly!"
5 Stars
Carrie Charney, Barrie Ont. age.32. Jan. 2014
"My Sweet Louise, 

I appreciate every lesson you have been so wonderful to teach me! I am so blessed God has put you in my life. Words can't do justice to how profoundly you've touched my soul. I love you so much and yearn to be able to repay your incredibly healing energies and sessions. I really do believe you have saved my life, my soul and my purpose. Thank you for helping me tune into, and embrace manhood. The painting is of what I saw during Reiki with you, and I saw this strong woman so briefly perhaps it's St. Dymphna :) I'm not sure but the glimpse of her was so beautiful I had to immortalize it int he painting.

It was you who opened my eyes to so much! If you ever need anything I can possibly help with I would be obliged to help. :) Anyways, I hope you like it and I can't wait for our next session. 

Thinking good thoughts of you always. Thanks again "
5 Stars
Andrew N. July 2013
"Via a Text:
Hey just sitting on a bus and looking out at the beautiful sea of green fields in the misty horizon, and I feel so blessed to have met u. Ur an angel, and you have impacted my life in a beautiful way, you have lifted my awareness. I hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND XOXOXO love u darling. I know u will :-)"
5 Stars
Andrew N. age: 24. Barrie. May 2013
"I realized yesterday after I even felt better than I already was that it is you that has made all the difference in me!!! Yeah I know I am open to change & I am working to be better but it is the total trust I put in you from the first day we met that has allowed me to grow!!!

You have this amazing ability to accept people without judging them & to genuinely care for others. I am so grateful! To have someone like you in my life & not feel threatened by you is undescribeable!! You have opened my eyes!!!!"
5 Stars
Tammy N. age: 50. Barrie April 2013
"Good Night & thank you to the most amazing, awesome, beautiful, brilliant, wonderful, wise, terrific, trusting personable, person I have the pleasure of taking pride in calling my friend!!!!

I felt pretty darn good before I saw you today now I am just over the top delighted to be recipient of your knowledge!!! I don't think  I have thanked you for being with me every step of the way thru all my struggles so I am now & thank you again for being with me thru my triumphs as well. I am & will be forever grateful!!!!

Good night Louise. :-)"
5 Stars
Text Message From Client
"Vibro-Acoustic Bed
My experience with the vibro-bed was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt. It literally took me to another place and time. The full visual experience for me was more real than I can even describe. Have got to do this again."
5 Stars
Tim Powers. age: 47. Barrie. June 2012
"Stop Smoking 
In talking to Louise I found out that she was involved in hypnotherapy and it was right at a time that I was feeling very frustrated about smoking again. I started smoking around 13 yrs of age. I was a 2 pack a day smoker. I quit of my own accord for about 5 yrs then started back but with mini cigars - around 8-12 a day. When Louise said she could help, I was at a time when this is what I needed. We had a session together- about 1 1|2 hrs, which seemed like 1|2 an hour. I was scheduled to see her again in a week but had something come up that I had to postpone for two weeks. I have not smoked since having had that 1st session but have had another session for another reason. In summary, for this to be effective, which I honestly believe it is, you have to be committed to want to quit and you will be successful with the hypnosis as an aid."
5 Stars
Rick T. age: 59. Barrie. June 2011.