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Past Life Soul Therapy Intake

1.5 Hours

Here we discuss Past Life beliefs, fears, concerns, hopes etc. It is important to discuss all of your reasons for wanting to explore this side of your spiritual existence. Furthermore we talk about what you can do with your new gained information, how it may inspire your life as you move forward. We can make a list of questions that you want answers to from each life visited.

In my experience some people doubt that they have been in hypnosis the first time. It is not quite what they envisioned it would be. For the benefit of all my clients I give you a "test run" so to speak prior to venturing into Past Life Regression Hypnosis. During your Intake appointment I will lead you into the wonderful state of hypnosis. This prepares you, disqualifying any doubt and preconceived ideas, realized or otherwise. I like how surprised people are.

I find this works best as it eliminates an amount of time of doubting which potentially reduces your overall results. It is my aim to give you the most satisfying and customized Past Life Regression adventure.

(Please note that the Vibro-Acoustic Bed complimentary session is not included with this Intake, however you can add it to the session if you wish by simply booking it at the time of your first contact.)