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Needle Free Acupuncture

Benefits to choosing to use the Health Recovery Chips:

Safe: No needles, Non-invasive

Effective: Works as well as the needles, in some cases better.

Simple: Easy to use

Economical: compared to medication and other treatments

NO SIDE Negative EFFECTS: no electricity, magnetism or medicine

Your session is 45 minutes long. The Health Chips are placed in the same locations as if we were using needless.

The number of sessions are evaluated according to the severity of your condition; usually 1-3, 4-6, or 7-10 treatments.

More treatments are obviously available if needed. Everyone responds to these treatments in their own way so the number of treatments are a guideline. Most people begin to feel the benefit within 4 treatments depending on what the condition is. I have seen people begin to reap the benefits in the first treatment so you can see it is very individual.

This highly specific technology allows for a much greater surface area of stone to interact with the body's energy meridians at the molecular level as needles do. The result - the Health Recovery Chips are able to influence and adjust the cells of the body's acupuncture points. This chain reaction of the cells effectively balances the function of internal organs through the circulation and acupuncture channels. This creates a more energetic, vibrant and healthy you.

Some History of the development of the Needle Free Acupuncture, Health Recovery Chip Pain Management, Wellness and Vitality System.

Development on the needle free acupuncture Heath Recovery Chips began over 10 years ago. Dr. Xu, lead inventor and originator of the idea, worked closely with 2 other co-inventors on the initial idea. Many lead scientists, medical doctors and a number of hospitals were brought into the development, research and clinical trials that preceded bringing this product to the market. The needle free acupuncture Health Recovery Chips concepts began with the knowledge of the significant healing benefits that acupuncture can bring, but with the understanding that a significant number of people were not interested in the experience or the benefits of acupuncture because it involved 'needles'... Now, after 10 years of research, development and clinical trials, you can experience the healing benefits of acupuncture WITHOUT the needles with the Health Recovery Chips.

(You may be interested to learn that Dr.Xu lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. I have personally met him and heard him speak about his revolutionary advancement in acupuncture.)

This amazing technology was launched in July 2006 and was awarded BEST NEW INNOVATION in ACUPUNCTURE at the International Congress of Traditional (Chinese) Medicine in September 2006.

Treatable conditions:


The Health Recovery Chips were used in 20 hospitals. Total treatment cases 2100

Total effectiveness rate 89.998% = effectiveness is defined as patient either being cured or experienced some degree of relief.

For the numbers that I have available to me I have put them beside the condition.The following is the total number of treatment cases out of the total effectiveness rate (%).

Arthritis - 50/91 Allergies - 40/86
Anxiety & Stress
Asthma - 48/94 Back Degeneration Back - Lower Pain
Back Sciatic Nerve Bell's Palsy Bladder Dysfunction
Blood Pressure - High - 66/92 Blood Pressure - Low Breasts - Fibrosis
Bronchitis Carpel Tunnel Chemotherapy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Circulation Clogged Arteries
Cholesterol - High Common Cold - 90/91 Constipation - 50/88
Depression - 60/91 Diabetes - 30/80 Digestive - Gastritis
Digestive - Stomach Ache Digestive - Ulcer - 50/92 Digestive - Upset Stomach
Dizziness - 54/92 Drug Addiction Epilepsy
Eye - Cataract Eye - Dry Eye - Far Sighted
Eye - Weak Sighted Facial Rejuvenation Headache
Headache - Migraine - 120/94-96 Heart Disease - 40/86.2 Heart - High Cholesterol
Heart - Irregular Beat - 30/86 Heart - Pain Hiccups
Immune System - Strengthen Insomnia - 50/90 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Kidney Inflammation - 52/75 Liver - Strengthen - Re-Balance - 76/91.3 Men - Impotence
Men - Inflamed Prostate Men or Women - Infertility Men - Nocturnal Emission
Men - Premature Ejaculation Mouth - Canker Mouth - Inflamed Gums
Mouth - Toothache Neck - Stiff - 50/89 Osteoporosis
Panic Attacks Prostate - Enlarged - 68/89.7 Radiation / Chemotherapy
Ribs - Nerve Dysfunction Shoulder Pain - 80/95 Sinusitis
Smoking - Quit Stress & Anxiety Stroke Prevention
Stroke Recovery - 50/90 Tennis Elbow Throat - Sore (Losing Voice) - 30/82
Throat - Tonsillitis Thyroid - Under - Active Weight Loss - 30/90
Women - Infertility Women - Inflamed/Reproductive Organs Women - Irregular Menstruation
Women - Menopause - 40/90 Women - Menstrual Cramping - 30/82

If you didn't see your condition please contact me. It is not possible to include every condition out there Though any coondition that is treated with Needle Accupunture can be treated in this method also.

Please note that I must make this point clear. This form of treatment is NOT intended to replace any medical treatments that you are receiving from a medical doctor. As you begin to notice and see change and improvements to your health you are encouraged to go over these changes with your doctor. It is also highly recommended that you make your doctor aware of choice to use alternative treatments that support your health. Therefore, Louise Buckley can assume no liability or responsibility in this regard. Any decision to make changes in your current health curriculum are to be considered your own and complete responsibility and should only be done so after consulting your physician (and before you change anything)