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I have taken very specific training in this area. Dealing with ones fears and eliminating them can truly be made easy. Regardless of your fear of cats, spiders, being late, driving on the highway, heights (we all need some sense of fear or caution of heights), water, snakes, bugs, crowds, public speaking, exams, failure, basements, and whatever else there is, it really can be helped. This hypnosis session usually takes, but is NOT limited to an hour and a half. My technique allows the client the freedom to take their time without concern of running out of time.

  • " Dealing with a fear. I had unfortunetly been involved in 2 car accidents in the span of 1 year. After dealing with a long physical recovery, emotionally it was overwhelming. I struggled as a driver, only taking certain routes I felt were "safest" and being over-cautious" As a passenger, my fear always grew worse. The weather bothered me, Other drivers, I as unable to hold a conversation due to the growing panick inside. My drives usually ended with me in tears, either fearing for my life or frustration for something that to me seemed so silly. I knew something had to change, I couldn't live with this anxiety anymore, and luckily I found Louise. Louise is a highly educated professional, who is passionate about her career and helping others. I felt comfortable opening up my story to her and felt relaxed during our treatment together. Since then, I feel much more relaxed in the car, (I still have "moments") but I don't cry, and grip the side handle feeling like my life is ending. I can talk and laugh and enjoy passing scenery! I feel like its slowly getting better, and its wonderful to feel hopeful about a situation I used to feel was hopeless. Thank you Louise for helping me with my paralyzing fear, I would recommend your services highly! "

    5 Stars
    Carrie Charney, Barrie Ont. age.32. Jan. 2014