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Past Life Soul Therapy

It is possible for you to visit up to 3 past lives. I also like to include a visit to what is called Lives Between Lives. This is the place where soul resides before entering into another life. I'm a great believer in assisting my clients to achieve the maximum understandings out of each regression as possible.

It cannot be establish, prior to the beginning of the hypnosis session, as to how many lives you visit, hence I say "up to" 3 lives. There are a number of reasons for this. You will be accompanied by your spirit guide to the life times that will best aid you in this life time. Often an extensive amount of time can be used visiting a particular life, exploring, learning a multitude of lessons, and gaining enlightenment and inspirations that can be the missing link in your life now. It is always fascinating to see how our past lives continue to influence currant lives.

I have learned that it is best to allow the session to evolve on it's own accord rather than controlling it. We are so limited in true knowledge of higher things that we end up doing the exact opposite of what we generally set out to accomplish through these sessions when control is enforced.

Often people come to me stating that they were "told" that they drown, for example, in a past life and that is why they are afraid to be near water in this life. I caution against such belief as it is not necessarily the only reason for fear of water. For example, if you were a mother in a boat and unable to rescue your child that fell overboard, it would stand to reason that a fear of water could embed it's self within your soul memory. Likewise, maybe you were a little boy who's favourite dog was swept away by an under current. Both situations have nothing to do you an direct experience of drowning yet are powerful enough to incite fear of water. I will not say that all predictions are incorrect as I do not know the authenticity or gifts of the person giving you the information, I only suggest caution by way of possible alternate examples that we do not always consider during such conversations.

The focus of your appointment is to visit your as many past lives as permitted by your guide, if time and your spirit guide permits we may also look at Lives Between Lives. Some Hypnotist charge more for this as a separate service. I like to include it as you are "there" anyway, if I can.

Here we discuss Past Life beliefs, fears, concerns, hopes etc. In my experience many people don't believe they have been in hypnosis the first time ..

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It is possible for you to visit about 3 past lives. This is something that we can not establish prior to the beginning of the hypnosis session.

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