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Group Hypnosis Sessions

Often people find it comforting to experience hypnosis with others. These groups are small, with a maximum of ten people. Please enjoy learning more about them. If there is a group that you are interested in but the dates and times do not match, drop me a line.

Focus on your New Years Resolutions. Help yourself to stick to your goals. Stay commited to what you really want.This is YOUR year stay focused & Motivated

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Utilize your belief system of your Higher Power to rewrite the misconspecptions of the past, replace them with truths about you moving forward.

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The hardest thing for people that want to quit is getting started.This course is designed to get that "just getting started" motivation going, get on track

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Develop & maintain a healthier eating habit to promote weight loss. In a UK study 24 out of 25 participants experienced significant change and improvement.

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